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About Us

Balticad is the leading distributors of wireless modules, antennas, cable assemblies and electronic components.

M2M Hardware Leader

Balticad specializes in M2M hardware and electronic components.

Design House

Balticad takes pride in providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

Components Distributor

Balticad goes above and beyond to provide you with smooth supply processes.

Dynamic Team

Our team's passion and expertise are second to none.

Reliable Supplier

We cooperate directly with manufacturers worldwide, to guarantee reliable and cost effective products for our clients.

Technical Support

We provide professional support and guidance for all of your system design needs, components, tools and issues.

Fast Deliveries

With over 1 million parts in our stock, we guarantee next business day deliveries.

End-to-end Solution

We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions to increase your supply chain’s productivity.

Why Balticad?

As Machine-to-machine (M2M) tech steadily becomes more sophisticated and more present in our lives, Balticad is here for you to provide you with a comprehensive end-to-end solutions to meet all of your needs.

From advisory to retail and distribution, we are here for you whenever you need us, every step of the way.

In addition to providing you with a comprehensive range of external, embedded and base station antenna solutions for M2M applications, we also carry a wide variety of electronic components so that we can be your one-stop-destination for any project.

What we sell

  • Tranzystor N CH 60V 0 31A SOT323
  • Antena GSM 3G LTE CDMA GPS 168x18x13mm
  • Transceiver 433 868MHz QFN48
  • HopeRF Modul TRX FSK 868MHz SPI 1 8 3 6V 20dB SMD
  • Antena GPS aktywna internal 18x18x4mm 100mm U FL
  • Rezystor SMD 0402 12kOhm 63mW 5 55 125 C
  • Dioda LED 5mm czerwona 640nm 30mCd 60st
  • Antena combo GPS UMTS 5m RG174 2xSMA m sruba M20
  • Dioda Zenera 160V DO 41
  • Dlawik 55uH 300mA 1Ohm SMD
  • Obudowa do Raspberry PI transparentna niebieska
  • Przekaznik Relpol SPDT 5V 8A przelaczny
  • Mikrokontroler 8bit 128KB FLASH 64TQFP
  • Bramka NAND 4CH 2 INP 14 DIP
  • Dioda TVS SOT23 6L
  • Antena GPS magnetyczna SMA 3m TUV
  • Stabilizator LDO 5V 0 1A TO92 3
  • Gniazdo micro HDMI R A typ D SMD
  • Antena 2 4GHz SMA m katowa 2dBi 50mm x 10mm

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Here are sample applications that we can provide product solutions and guidance for:

Home Automation
Remote Monitoring
Medical apps


We use all the known wireless technologies including but not limited to:

Design House

At our Design House we turn ideas into solutions. Here is what our Design House can do for you:

Hardware Design

We'll quickly design any PCB for you.


See, touch and test the new product.

Pilot Run

We'll make many short, fast pilot runs.

Mass production

We provide a range of production services.


Our clients are some of the most demanding, therefore at Balticad we work with only the best. We are proud to partner with the worlds top companies to bring the best components and service.

Our partners include:

Kontron manufactures a wide range of industrial computers. We sell industrial computers manufactured by Kontron. Kontron's products and services provide demanding customers for the military, industry, energy, medicine, telecommunications, public transport, entertainment and other industries. Equipment offered by us is characterized by the ability to work under severe environmental conditions for many many years.

In our offer are mainly:


Looking to turn your passion for M2M and electronics into career? Join Balticad's team!

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The quality of our services is our priority, hence we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.